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red glass heart, Sterling Silver Red Dots Vintage Puffy Heart Slide Style Pendant



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Vintage Sterling Silver Quilt Pattern Puffy Heart Slide Pendant with red glass do puffy heartts.New snake style 20" silver chain 1mm (chain is new)Puffy heart measures appro puffy heartxamatly 1/2" x 1/2" - Great vintage co puffy heartnditio puffy heartn. (no puffy heartt a signed piece)Small heart fo puffy heartr that sweetheart in yo puffy heartur life.Thank yo puffy heartu fo puffy heartr taking the time to puffy heart enjo puffy hearty o puffy heartur Etsy sho puffy heartps: ro puffy puffy heartmhttps://www./sho puffy heartp/rustycharmhttps://www./sho puffy heartp/go puffy hearto puffy heartdwillvintagehttps://www./sho puffy heartp/kellybeesplace

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