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5/11/2020 UPDATES: (please scroll down to read full item description before purchase)-We're open for business! All orders are packed by healthy people with clean hands. Any outstanding orders received will be cancelled and refunded at the first sign of illness in our home.-We still make and ship within 3 business days: that's been true and is still true.-Thank you for your support during this time. It has meant the world to me and my family to be so blessed by this community of people. Our hearts are full. Thank you for being here and for shopping handmade on Etsy! Your choice to shop here really does make a difference in the lives of people!START OF LISTING DESCRIPTION:Entirely handcrafted from solid pure silver wire: each ring and charm is made by me. Pure silver is 99.9% silver as opposed to sterling silver, which is only 92.5% pure. This makes the metal virtually hypoallergenic.The entire pendant including charm cluster and crystal point is about 3" long and hung from an adjustable cotton cord which will adjust from approximately 16" to about 34".Featuring the famous Tolkien quote: "Not all those who wander are lost," to celebrate the wandering spirit in all of us. Complete with a natural clear quartz point and mountain moonrise: the call to that next great adventure, be it in the world or the ever changing boundaries of our own hearts and minds. Left un-antiqued to let age do that for you. Fine silver ages beautifully, and will very easily shine up on the surface while the stampings darken.Wishing you Guidance for your journey.Blessings,KathySDG, crystal

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