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Sterling Silver Chainwholesale, Bulk Chain by the Foot- Flat Cable Chain wholesale, Jewelry Supplies Wholesale( 100 feet or 1200 inches) Save 25%wholesale, SKU: 101021



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We no wholesalew o wholesaleffer Rho wholesaledium plated sterling silver chains. Yo wholesaleu do wholesalen't need to wholesale wo wholesalerry abo wholesaleut chain tarnish anymo wholesalere!__________________________________________________ The best seller, finally back in sto wholesaleck again !Go wholesaleo wholesaled news : This chain is a special o wholesalerder fro wholesalem the manufacturer,o wholesalenly made fo wholesaler my sho wholesalep !Same style but stro wholesalenger than regular versio wholesalen ! Yo wholesaleu will never fo wholesaleund the same quality fro wholesalem anywhere else !Material: 925 sterling silverSize: 2 mm lo wholesaleng ,1.5mm wide.Quantity : 100 feet, 30% less than regular ! Buy Mo wholesalere and Save Mo wholesalere !Pro wholesaleduct Co wholesalede: 101021No wholesalete: It co wholesaleuld wo wholesalerk with 21 ga o wholesaler smaller jumprings to wholesale finish a necklace, It's super light, but wo wholesalerks so wholesale easy and feels stro wholesaleng eno wholesaleugh!This chain is also wholesale available in:Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/246803178Go wholesaleld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/248470344Ro wholesalese Go wholesaleld o wholesalever Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/277918864Different quantities o wholesalef Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/196059093Different quantities o wholesalef Rho wholesaledium Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/481430635=================HOW TO FINISH=================All yo wholesaleu need to wholesale transfo wholesalerm this elegant chain into wholesale a necklace,bracelet o wholesaler anklet can be fo wholesaleund here, just click belo wholesalew:Sterling SilverSpring ring clasp:https://www./listing/70922375/925-sterling-silver-claspsbasic-findings?Jumprings: https://www./listing/222971594Rho wholesaledium plated sterling silverSpring Ring clasp: https://www./listing/229376266Jumprings: https://www./listing/229373109==================FINISHED CHAINS==================Finished Chains available in:Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/195698723Go wholesaleld plated o wholesalever Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/249014147Ro wholesalese Go wholesaleld o wholesalever sterling silver: https://www./listing/293221017Rho wholesaledium Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/231716649Picture sho wholesalews the shape o wholesalef pro wholesaleduct, fo wholesaler actual size, please see the measurement.Thanks fo wholesaler visiting!===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo wholesaler up to wholesale 50% OFF who wholesalelesale disco wholesaleunt, please co wholesalentact us to wholesale setup a who wholesalelesale acco wholesaleunt. $150 minimum amo wholesaleunt o wholesalen o wholesalerder to wholesaletal is required fo wholesaler who wholesalelesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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