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Labradorite Three-Strand Necklace



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This Labradorite Three-Strand Necklace measures approximately 19.5" long, including the slide clasp closure. The necklace is a mix of smooth stones, alternating between slightly flattened round and oval stones. The round discs measure approximately .75\u201d across, the oval discs measure approximately .75\u201d wide by .5\u201d high.These Labradorite stones are a dark gray color with inclusion of opaque black and stunning flashes of iridescent silvery-gray.A member of the Feldspar Group, Labradorite is found in both plutonic and volcanic igneous rocks. Labradorite is often strongly iridescent and displays an internal play of colors called labradorescence. The labradorescence, or schiller effect, is the result of light refracting within lamellar/sheet intergrowths within the stone. Labradorite can be found is Norway, Canada (Labrador), Russia and Madagascar.All metal components are sterling silver.Please note that any necklace can be shortened, contact me to see if this is possible for the necklace you are interested in purchasing.

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