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One o bohemian earringsf the newest trends is the leather feather earrings. Try it o bohemian earringsut with these Go bohemian earringsrgeo bohemian earringsus statement earrings.The Feathers hand cut fro bohemian earringsm a faux leather fabric. I have created these with intricate cuts to bohemian earrings try and create a mo bohemian earringsve and feel similar to bohemian earrings a feather, but to bohemian earrings be much mo bohemian earringsre sturdy. Will lo bohemian earringso bohemian earringsk great with hair up o bohemian earringsr do bohemian earringswn. Attached to bohemian earrings ho bohemian earringso bohemian earringsk earring.Feather length measures abo bohemian earringsut 3- 3.5 inchesThis listing is fo bohemian earringsr silver. If interested in go bohemian earringsld o bohemian earringsr black check o bohemian earringsut my o bohemian earringsther listings. Or if yo bohemian earringsu want a custo bohemian earringsm o bohemian earringsrder send me a message.No bohemian earringste that there is reduced shipping o bohemian earringsn multiple pairs.

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