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Vintage Venetian Glass Floral Necklaceapple blossoms, White Pink Speckled Beads and Green Glass Leaves on Green Glass Rosary Style Beadsapple blossoms, Apple Blossoms



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Vintage Venetian Floral Glass Necklace With White and Pink Speckled Glass Beads and Green Glass Leaves on Green Glass Rosary Style Beads, Apple BlossomsThis is a very whimsical and lovely vintage estate necklace with Venetian Glass beads. The glass necklace features flowers with leaves that resemble Apple Blossoms! The Venetian glass necklace is circa 1930 and it is simply fabulous! This wonderful style necklace is becoming harding to find.This necklace will encircle your neck with flowers evoking quintessential springtime and apple blossoms bursting forth in bloom! The base of the necklace is lovely green beads with brass wire created in rosary style.Along the green beaded chain are clusters of white glass beads with pink speckled design. There are green glass leaves accenting the glass beads which adds to the charm of this delightful necklace! Toward the back there are single white beads, then clusters of two and a few clusters of three.The vintage confection of a necklace will be a beautiful gift and keepsake. Fabulous adornment for a garden tea and will look gorgeous for a bride to wear at her wedding!Condition: Excellent for age, there may be a few white glass beads and green glass leaves missingMeasurements: 17-1/2" length, white glass beads

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