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sterling silverRecycled wearable art bottle cap earrings: Bird in flight



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bottle capMade from recycled bottle caps, each one is a labor of love. The bottle cap is pounded out, filed down using an electric grinder, scraped to ensure all or most of the glue is removed and then primed before I paint designs on them with acrylic paint. These bottle caps are painted with acrylic paint and features a magenta bird in flight with the background painted yellow green. Teal dots provide an accent for these sweet birds in flight. I believe art not only looks pretty, but makes a statement. It has the power to give us hope, strength, encouragement and can empower us to make the next step. For me, a bird in flight is a reminder to spread my wings, make bold moves towards my goals and to fly even when fear says to stay still. Viewing birds and being in the midst of nature is also how I ground myself, find my center, and the greatest source of inspiration for my art. The bottle cap earrings have sterling silver ear wires and dangle about 2 inches. They are very light weight and are great to "mix and match". I've included another bottle cap earring that shows the backside of a bottle cap. The last few photos show various bottle cap earrings I have made, some are still available. If you would like a pair made just for you with your own empowering image or words, please send me a message.\u2665

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