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Little mint green tourmaline studs. Silver and tourmaline stud earrings. 3mm round naturalstud earrings, genuine green tourmaline earrings.



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These little tourmaline studs feature genuine mint green tourmaline gemstones. The faceted 3mm round tourmaline are prong set in sterling silver earring studs making for an unusual coloured pair of earrings. The colour of these tourmaline is so unusual, a piercing, clear mint green. The combination of silver and mint green tourmaline is cool and chic.The little tourmaline are 3mm round, faceted cut. They are genuine, natural gemstones. The earring settings and posts are sterling silver. The earrings are supplied with sterling silver butterfly backs as shown in the image.As my jewellery is handmade, and as the tourmaline are natural gemstones, there may be slight variations in shade and texture from the the tourmaline shown in the photograph., green stud earrings

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