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Navy Blue and White Chocolate cotton couples bracelet set for his and hercotton anniversary, Love knot gift for 2nd anniversary for boyfriend or girlfriend



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This set of two love knot bracelets is a perfect gift for You and your girlfriend or boyfriend or as couples gift. These matching couples bracelets are made of cotton cord and will be a nice couples gift for Cotton Anniversary. Her and his bracelets will be made personally for you according to your sizes. Bracelets may be personalized.The price is for Set of 2 Bracelets (without engraving)For engraving letters please purchase this listing together with bracelets:https://www./listing/557251328/initials-engraving-for-cotton-cord\u25ba SIZES. I propose 4 option to choose the size:1) 'Exact size': The bracelet has a lobster clasp without extenderPLEASE LEAVE YOUR WRIST SIZES in the comment during purchase.Important! - Please measure your wrist exactly and DON'T add any extra space. I will add approx. 0.75" to your size for a comfortable fit.2) 'Standart Adjustable': Universal adjustable size bracelet (The lobster clasp with small extender chain). Adjustable length is for wrist approx. 6....7.5" (girls) and 7...8.5" (guys). This is the most typical wrists. Very small or full wrists need length correction. Please choose 'Other' size option and leave me a comment. PLEASE NOTE: by default the 'Adjustable' bracelets in the pair have different sizes (for her and for him)! If you need both bracelets in one size or you want to add the extension chain to 'Exact size' bracelet - please choose 'Other' size option.3) 'Other': you can leave me a comment about sizes and extension chain you need, your doubts, suggestions etc.\u25ba COLORS.By default, I propose Navy Blue and Melted Milk (as White Chocolate) color combination bracelets - please see the first photo.Other color options:You can choose one of the proposed designs or make YOUR OWN mix from the next colors.For non-standard combination please choose 'Other' color option and leave me a comment about colors of bracelets and windings. Please indicate which color is provided for the men's bracelet and which for the women's.Bracelet cord colors: - Black, Gray, Light Gray, Sparkling Gray (mix of two shades, see photos) - Navy Blue (Dark), Denim Blue, Blue (Bright Real Blue), Light Blue - Olive Green, Light Khaki, Dark Emerald Green, Grass Green (green-yellow, not dark, not bright) - Light Turquoise (Mint), Dark Turquoise* (blue-green color, bright, not light) - White, Melted Milk (as white chocolate) - Sand, Beige, Camel (three shades - from light to dark, beige is medium. The difference is noticeable weakly) - Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Light Rose (ballerina pink), Sparkling Burgundy (mix of two shades, on photos) - Ginger (Brown-Orange), Pumpkin Orange (Red-Orange), Orange - Red - Purple*, Light Purple*, Lilac (purple closer to lavender, lilac closer to red lilac flowers) - Brown (solid color), Sparkling Brown (mix of two shades, on photos)*possible color distortion in the photo, due to physical limitations of the camera matrix.Winding colors. Most of the primary colors listed are available. For those who are absent, I will choose the most suitable color for replacement.Sparkling Brown, Sparkling Gray and Sparkling Burgundy are not available for windings, they will be replaced.\u25ba Clasp color.The color of the clasp is chosen according to the color of the cord (better compatibility). If you choose non-standard colors, the color of the metal will be chosen at my discretion. If you have specific preferences regarding the color of the metal, please indicate it in the comments.>>> These bracelets may be personalized. Please upgrade your order:https://www./listing/557251328/initials-engraving-for-cotton-cord\u25ba IF YOU NEED ONLY ONE BRACELET:https://www./listing/543278687/mens-knot-bracelet-mens-gift-boyfriend=== CARE INSTRUCTION ==== Is this Bracelet waterpfoof? ===The cotton is not waterproof and I do not advise wetting them. This will extend the service life. From the water the wax coating will wash away, cords will become loose and may change color. In hot water, the bracelets may decrease in size. Also, the bracelet will get dirty.Expansion chain in water can give rust (with prolonged or regular exposure).Small dirt can be removed with a soft pencil eraser.! Please note: the cord is discolored by the action of liquids containing chlorine and some cosmetic means., couple bracelets

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