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14K Open cuff ringrecycled gold, Gold Spacer Ringrecycled gold, open 14 kt gold ringrecycled gold, open cuff ringrecycled gold, gold spacer ringrecycled gold, 14k gap ringrecycled gold, 2mm round open ring | PREORDER



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\u2666\u2666 This is a PREORDER which ships out in about a week \u2666\u2666Simple, solid 14K yellow gold open cuff ringRound band with tapered ends, pairs nicely with engagement ringsperfect everyday ring.\u27e1 14K Gold Ring is 2mm thick// This style can be customized //Thickness: 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 2mm+Gap Width: 2mm - 7mm maxMetal: 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, 10K Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 14K White GoldPlease convo me with ring size & desired specifications for a price quote.\u27e1 As with all cuff rings please take care not to get caught in hair/cloth.\u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 TO PAIR WITH AN ENGAGEMENT RING \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666 \u2666Measure the width & thickness of your engagement ring band/shank and pair with bands that are the same or slightly thinner so as to "blend in" without looking too thin in comparison.For example, a 2mm thick engagement ring will go best with a 1.6mm - 2.0mm band. Or a 1.5mm thick engagement ring with a 1.2mm - 1.5mm thick band.Also note the shape of your engagement band/shank... round/flat square/rectangular with rounded edges/etc. in order to intentionally match OR contrast the band shape. Also measure the space available beneath the center stone area, is there enough space for a band in the thickness you're looking for? Open cuff rings or custom bands with a "flattened top" are also options.These are just general rules, of course you can break them if it suits your taste. If unsure, convo me photo(s) of your ring along with dimensions of the band/shank.\u00b0 View more 14K OPEN CUFF bands:\u00b0 Please read Shop Policies/FAQ before ordering:\u00b0 All Photos, Designs & Text Copyright \u00a9 KARAT1424, 14k open ring

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