Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lilibet Lace ring in sterling silver-featured at Anthropologie- wide lace ringsterling silver, boho lace ringsterling silver, wide silver ring



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Lovely vintage lace captured eternally in sterling silver. A piece of history for your finger.Each lace ring is handmade, cast and finished by me in my Montreal studio. Each one will be made individually so there will slight variations. For the hopeless romantic in you!Dimensions.................height: 16mm /0.6" highsize: your size! let me know the size at checkout.Please make sure to get your finger professionally measured at a reputable jewellery store. Any method of measuring your finger with a string, paper or printout is not reliable. because this a wide ring, I recommend ordering slightly bigger than your regular size. please allow 2weeks before shippingShipping....................This item is shipped for free within north America with registered mail and a tracking number to insure safe arrival. This ring will come in a matt black box, silver lace ring

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