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*Handcrafted Howlite Bracelet \u2013 Expandable bracelet will fit nearly any size wrist. Crafted using extremely strong cord, won\u2019t break with normal wear. *White Howlite Gemstones \u2013 Unique, semi-precious gemstones combined with an antiqued, silver charm create one of a kind jewelry anyone will love. *Beautiful Gift \u2013 Looking for the perfect birthday present, graduation gift, or get-well gift? Beautiful Howlite charm bracelets make a great gift for special occasions or any time. *Anxiety Bracelet \u2013 White Howlite gemstones are thought to provide relief from anxiety and stress. Among those who believe in crystal healing, Howlite is used to aid in meditation and cleanse the aura, allowing the worries of life to gain a more appropriate perspective and achieve emotional balance.*Healing Bracelet \u2013 Howlite is a stone used to raise awareness and heal emotional conditions related to anger, anxiety, rage, and selfishness. Spiritual uses for Howlite include aiding in meditation, aura cleansing, and maximizing energy flow. Physical healing properties are thought to be most helpful with bone disorders, dental pain and oral health, osteoporosis, and boosting lactation in nursing mothers. Handcrafted Howlite gemstone bracelets are uniquely beautiful. The silver charm adds personality and allow you to personalize the jewelry to suit you or create a gift that is perfect for anyone in your life. Ideal as a birthday gift, anniversary present, appreciation gift, graduation gift, or anytime-friendship-gesture. These white and gray charm bracelets are crafted using strong stretch cord that won\u2019t break under normal conditions and will stretch to fit nearly any size wrist. Among those who believe in crystal healing, Howlite is an important stone used to balance emotions, relax muscles, heal bone disorders and balance emotions, making it an ideal choice for an anxiety bracelet or to bring peace to someone suffering from depression., charm bracelet

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