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Bridal Vans Galaxy Shoesdreaminbohemian, Handpainted Milky Way on Black Slip on Wedding shoedreaminbohemian, Shooting Starsdreaminbohemian, Meteordreaminbohemian, Cosmicdreaminbohemian, You are my moon and stars



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Custom Painted Monochrome Black Vans in a Colorful Milky Way, Galaxy theme for Bride. Handpainted shoes are a way to give your wardrobe a colorful custom boost and they can be worn with just about any outfit, from dressing up for a night out, or to wear to school. This pair of Vans was designed for a bride to be and the colors more feminine, but I also have them pictured with more blues. You may request which you like best of leave it up to me when I am painting them. This design can also be personalized as well with a name in silver, or left as they are.Check out my shop for more painted shoe designs. https://www./shop/DreaminBohemian?ref=seller-platform-mcnavThank you for stopping by and I look forward to painting some vans just for you. Adrienne, custom vans

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