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foliage, White ring | foliage | ajustable stainless steel | handpainted glass by azurine



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Cute and delicate glass ring! Handpainted black foliage design on a white backgroundEach piece of glass is hand painted and baked for durability and quality. Made with love in Qu\u00e9bec city, Canada. \u25aa\ufe0fDESCRIPTION\u25aa\ufe0f\u2022 Handpainted glass\u2022 Stainless steel \u2022 Ajustable\u2022 Size: 1 cm (glass) Delivery all over the worldFeel free to contact me if you have questions :)\u25aa\ufe0fFOLLOW ME\u25aa\ufe0f\u2022 Facebook | \u2022 Instagram |, delicate ring

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