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glass ring, Pink fuchsia flower ajustable ring | daisy | stainless steel | handpainted glass by azurine



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Cute and delicate glass ring! Handpainted pink and fuchsia flower design on a tiny piece of glass. Each piece of glass is hand painted and baked for durability and quality. Made with love in Qu\u00e9bec city, Canada. \u25aa\ufe0fDESCRIPTION\u25aa\ufe0f\u2022 Handpainted glass\u2022 Stainless steel \u2022 Ajustable\u2022 Size: 1 cm (glass) Delivery all over the worldFeel free to contact me if you have questions :)\u25aa\ufe0fFOLLOW ME\u25aa\ufe0f\u2022 Facebook | \u2022 Instagram |, handpainted glass

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