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lightweight, ULTRA MINI 11mm 7/16 inch solid 18k white gold forged hoop earrings -- just around the lobe.perfect for sensitive piercings and children



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One pair of 7/16"(11mm) solid 18k white gold hoop earrings for everyday wear. Wire is hammered flat. Very lightweight. This is the smallest size hoop I currently offer. The wire used(22 gauge) is slightly thinner than the mini hoops(5/8"). It is still considered medium weight wire and will work very well for more sensitive piercings, new piercings.(This is actually the thickness I personally prefer for my own piercings)Default metal is 18k white gold. Please specify at checkout if you would like these made in 18K yellow or rose gold.Also available in different sizes here --http://www./shop/muyinmolly?section_id=6384236Check out my etsy shop for more designs!http://www./shop/muyinmollyFollow me on Facebook -- Twitter -, solid 18k gold

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