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Ninhursagfertility goddess, The Lady of the Mountain | Ninhursag Pendant | Mother Goddess | Fertility Goddess | Wiccan Goddess | Earth Mother Goddess



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NINHURSAG, THE LADY OF THE MOUNTAIN. // Cast silver, patina. // Hand fabricated using the traditional metalsmithing technique of lost wax casting. // Measures 21mm in width, 24mm in height.Known as the Great Queen, the Lady of Birth, the Womb Goddess, and the Midwife of the Gods, Ninhursag was the Sumerian mother goddess of the mountains. She acted as the midwife when man was created. She is of motherhood, of the garden, of the land, of the foot hills, of the mountains.Her symbol resembles the Greek symbol Omega, and has been depicted in art since 3000 BC, and represents the horns of a cow. Each piece is hand fabricated and made to order. Please allow approximately two to three weeks for casting and creation. Items that are in stock will ship within one to two days. Includes an 18 inch sterling silver 1.4mm box chain. Please double check measurements and view all photos before purchase, note that 25mm = 1"., sumerian jewelry

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