Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Unique Quality 63x45mm medium cross pewter pendant with crystals blue stonespendants, Fashion Decorative component (PDP727)



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Item: PDP727Catego earring suppliesry: Fashio earring suppliesn Deco earring suppliesrative co earring suppliesmpo earring suppliesnent Piece/s: 1Shape: cro earring suppliesss pewter pendantSize: 63x45mmCo earring supplieslo earring suppliesr: Antique SilverMade in: Israel * If there's an item yo earring suppliesu're interested in and are unable to earring supplies find the sale, Just co earring suppliesntact Us,We'll set it up!Available Plating:Go earring suppliesld - ShinyGo earring suppliesld - Matte (Co earring suppliesntains nickel)Ro earring suppliesse Go earring suppliesldSilver - ShinySilver - Matte (Co earring suppliesntains nickel)Silver - Oxide (antique)Brass - Oxide (antique)*Zamak is an allo earring suppliesy o earring suppliesf Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium, and Co earring suppliespper.*Zamak is Nickel, Lead & Cadmium free. _______Additio earring suppliesnal Specificatio earring suppliesns:* Co earring suppliesnditio earring suppliesn: New with tags o earring suppliesr made to earring supplies o earring suppliesrder.* To earring suppliesp Quality Casting _______Additio earring suppliesnal info earring suppliesrmatio earring suppliesn:* Who earring supplieslesale:We o earring suppliesffer custo earring suppliesm listings and quantity disco earring suppliesunts fo earring suppliesr who earring supplieslesalers. Please co earring suppliesntact us fo earring suppliesr additio earring suppliesnal info earring suppliesrmatio earring suppliesn.* Impo earring suppliesrtant no earring supplieste:As a manufacturer, mo earring suppliesst o earring suppliesf o earring suppliesur pro earring suppliesducts are in sto earring suppliesck o earring suppliesn a regular basis, Ho earring supplieswever, so earring suppliesmetimes we need to earring supplies manufacture them, which may take aro earring suppliesund 20 days.In case yo earring suppliesu have purchased so earring suppliesmething that isn't in sto earring suppliesck, we will co earring suppliesntact yo earring suppliesu asap. If yo earring suppliesu can't wait fo earring suppliesr it, a refund will be sent asap.

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