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choker, Puka Sea Shell 2 Piece Set Anklet and Necklace Coice of 16" 17" 18” 20” *24" lengths BoHo Surfer Hawaiian Sea Shell Jewelry 7065-S



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TWO PIECE SETSquare cut white rose clam sea shell puka necklace and anklet bracelet*Some lengths will have coconut shell beads near the clasp as picturedCHOICE OF *14, *15, *16, 17, *18, 20 INCH LENGTHSAnklet length is approximately 9 inches (23cm)To determine necklace length, please check the last picture above for an idea of what each length looks like on an average man or woman.PLEASE NOTE, the large chip shells will make it fit a bit tighter than normal. Consider this when choosing length.Lengths are APPROXIMATE Hand strung necklaces with natural shells can vary a in length from 1/2" to 3/4".Style 7065 W 2 PC SetIn stock. Shipped daily from Florida USA, 16 inches

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