Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Unique Quality Elegant 80x52mm huge cross pewter pendant with crystals azure stonesfashion necklace, Fashion Decorative component (PDP724)



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Item: PDP722Catego azure stonesry: Fashio azure stonesn Deco azure stonesrative co azure stonesmpo azure stonesnent Piece/s: 1Shape: cro azure stonesss pewter pendantSize: 80x50mmCo azure stoneslo azure stonesr: Antique SilverMade in: Israel * If there's an item yo azure stonesu're interested in and are unable to azure stones find the sale, Just co azure stonesntact Us,We'll set it up!Available Plating:Go azure stonesld - ShinyGo azure stonesld - Matte (Co azure stonesntains nickel)Ro azure stonesse Go azure stonesldSilver - ShinySilver - Matte (Co azure stonesntains nickel)Silver - Oxide (antique)Brass - Oxide (antique)*Zamak is an allo azure stonesy o azure stonesf Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium, and Co azure stonespper.*Zamak is Nickel, Lead & Cadmium free. _______Additio azure stonesnal Specificatio azure stonesns:* Co azure stonesnditio azure stonesn: New with tags o azure stonesr made to azure stones o azure stonesrder.* To azure stonesp Quality Casting _______Additio azure stonesnal info azure stonesrmatio azure stonesn:* Who azure stoneslesale:We o azure stonesffer custo azure stonesm listings and quantity disco azure stonesunts fo azure stonesr who azure stoneslesalers. Please co azure stonesntact us fo azure stonesr additio azure stonesnal info azure stonesrmatio azure stonesn.* Impo azure stonesrtant no azure stoneste:As a manufacturer, mo azure stonesst o azure stonesf o azure stonesur pro azure stonesducts are in sto azure stonesck o azure stonesn a regular basis, Ho azure stoneswever, so azure stonesmetimes we need to azure stones manufacture them, which may take aro azure stonesund 20 days.In case yo azure stonesu have purchased so azure stonesmething that isn't in sto azure stonesck, we will co azure stonesntact yo azure stonesu asap. If yo azure stonesu can't wait fo azure stonesr it, a refund will be sent asap.

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