Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklace made with Vintage Glass Button(1935-1960's)blue, German Glass Buttonblue, Hand paintedblue, Yellow Flowerblue, Redblue, Blueblue, Greenblue,Timeless Trinkets



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This pressed glass button is vintage and has been hand painted. I bought a few of these from a seller in Germany. Pretty vintage buttons are becoming increasingly harder to find and many of my buttons now come from Europe. Many glass buttons were produced in Czechoslovakia and Germany from the mid 1900's to 1960's and were exported to the U.S in the 1950's. The popularity of glass buttons continued until the mid 1960's. However due to the expense of glass, the modern washing machine(which wasn't kind to glass buttons), and the rising popularity of plastic buttons, the glass button industry came to an end. For many years these buttons have been packed away in storage and only now have they been offered for sale. I'm delighted to be able to make these buttons into a small piece of wearable art and history!The button drops 1.25" from chain and is .75" wide.Solid brass chain. Please select desired length.Item will come in an attractive gift box. To view more click on the link below.http://www./shop/TimelessTrinkets\u00a9Timeless Trinkets, blue

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