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Sterling Silver Chain Necklace - Beaded Chainchains, Satellite Chain - 18 inches - (20 pcs) 30% Off - Wholesale Jewelry - SKU: 601006-18



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This listing is fo sterling chainsr the Sterling silver chain in beaded link shape. The size is abo sterling chainsut: 1.4mm by 1.6mm, ball is 2mm. Finished with a 925 sterling silver spring ring clasp.Ready to sterling chains Wear.This ball chain was finished with fancy tube ends, it's such a beauty! Pro sterling chainsfessio sterling chainsnal lo sterling chainso sterling chainsking!Length - 18 inchesQuantity - 20 pieces.30% LESS THAN REGULAR, BUY MORE AND SAVE MORE!This chain is available in:Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/235757304Go sterling chainsld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/240375865Fo sterling chainsr all available lengths o sterling chainsf this chain, click here: https://www./listing/195678991===============BULK CHAINS===============Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/196045348Go sterling chainsld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/239647914Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/235655067===========================================================Charms and pendants that wo sterling chainsuld go sterling chains lo sterling chainsvely with these chains can be fo sterling chainsund here:Pave Bezel Pendants: https://www./sho sterling chainsp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?ref=hdr_sho sterling chainsp_menu&search_query=Pave+BezelSilver Charms: https://www./sho sterling chainsp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply/items?sectio sterling chainsn_id=5416615Classic Bezel Gemsto sterling chainsnes: https://www./sho sterling chainsp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?search_query=Bezel+GemOur po sterling chainspular large selectio sterling chainsn o sterling chainsf druzy, pave and bo sterling chainshemian style pendants: https://www./sho sterling chainsp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?sectio sterling chainsn_id=18754746============================================================Back to sterling chains the sho sterling chainsp: https://www./sho sterling chainsp/InnerArt4BeadsSupplyPictures sho sterling chainsw the shape, please read the size measurement fo sterling chainsr actual size o sterling chainsf the chain.Please send me a message if yo sterling chainsu are interested in a larger quantity, different length o sterling chainsr o sterling chainsther custo sterling chainsmizatio sterling chainsn.VERY IMPORTANT!!!All who sterling chainslesale o sterling chainsrders will be sent with tracking number and insurance. Yo sterling chainsu can cho sterling chainso sterling chainsse to sterling chains do sterling chainswngrade yo sterling chainsur shipping metho sterling chainsd, but we are no sterling chainst respo sterling chainsnsible fo sterling chainsr lo sterling chainsst packages.Thank yo sterling chainsu fo sterling chainsr understanding.Thanks fo sterling chainsr visiting!===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo sterling chainsr up to sterling chains 50% OFF who sterling chainslesale disco sterling chainsunt, please co sterling chainsntact us to sterling chains setup a who sterling chainslesale acco sterling chainsunt. $150 minimum amo sterling chainsunt o sterling chainsn o sterling chainsrder to sterling chainstal is required fo sterling chainsr who sterling chainslesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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