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Rock Art Blue Clouds LaMancha Goat Drum-Handmadeleather, Recycledleather, Hand Painted



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This is a hand made drum that is 1 3/4" across and 1/2" thick. It is made from a cylinder surrounded by honey brown deerskin suede leather that was hand stitched with sinew strung on a turquoise suede leather lace that is 26 inches long. The top and bottom are real goat rawhide laced in place with sinew. The goat hand painted in a unique blue clouds coloring with a black outline.The inspiration for the painting are the many petroglyphs of the southwest United States and South America. Drums were and still are an important item to Native peoples and are used at pow wows across the country.This is a unique piece of Art and is sure to become an heirloom. It will be a great conversation piece or a wonderful gift for someone special. The bottom of the drum is signed and dated, adding to it's value. Good goat art is hard to find and this original drum is sure to please!Thank you for looking!!, pendant

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