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butterfly, Cranberry triangle dichroic glass earrings with gold butterfly decals and Swarovski beads



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Approx 1 1/2" inch x 3/8"inch earrings with gold plated hooks, triangle cranberry dichroic glass with gold butterfly decals, finished with gold plated beads and cranberry Swarovski beads. Made by me, Rachel in my Cocoa Beach studio. One of a kind!Dichroic Glass is a fused glass process using layers of glass with precious metals & oxides including gold, silver, copper, chromium, titanium, aluminum. The word "dichroic" means "two colors" due to the mercurial nature of the metals in glass. Incredible Heat flashing puts them into the gem family.Every computer monitor displays colors differently, so what you see on your screen may vary slightly from the actual coloring of the piece., swarovski

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