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Ken Gastineau earringspost style, modernist designpost style, post stylepost style, gold-tonepost style, black beadpost style, signed by designerpost style, gold black earrings



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Ken Gastineau earrings, modernist design, post style, gold-tone, black bead, signed by designer, gold black earrings These are truly avant garde earrings. They look like something Audrey Hepburn might have worn in Funny Face. The earrings are by designer, Ken Gastineau who with his wife Sally, have been creating jewelry for over 25 years. Ken has taught himself to design and create rubber molds which he uses to reproduce highly detailed designs in both pewter and brass.Condition: There is a small imperfection in one of the earrings. You can sort of see it in photo #2, earrings

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