Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3d printed, Earrings



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Wearable turkish spindles! We print these with o ornamentur resin printer fro ornamentm Bio ornament Resin and then add the earring wire. I'm using silver plated brass 12mm wire with an o ornamentptio ornamentn to ornament cho ornamento ornamentse go ornamentld plated brass. We also ornament have sheep, the Triquetra, and o ornamentur spiderweb.We're making these in a fluo ornamentrescent o ornamentrange, red, black, green, sky blue, and clear. Pricing is per pair and varies fro ornamentm $5 fo ornamentr the flat styles (sheep, Triquetra, spiderweb) to ornament $7 fo ornamentr the 3D spindles.

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