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0012ET Real handmade! Handmade ceramic and handmade lampwork beads.All of these rune built symbols are made by hand, and none of them are identical. You will see your own.They are high fired and the size is from 22 -40 mm, compare the hand image. Black 1.5mm leather cord makes it safe for allergic persons that cannot use metal. Of course, you can wear it in the pocket. I also make pocket runes and symbols.This symbol is built from the Algiz rune to a symbol bindrune that gibes strength and protection for the wearer. The symbols ground meaning is the old meeting the new strength, the feeling of being the strongest animal, the best protection. When you wear it, you are willing to build your own strength, and you are protected.The runes have their own language and meaning, and have their strength, so use them with love and an open mind. If cord breaks, put it away for some time, it has given you what you needed for the time.___________________________________________The full meaning will follow the item.________________________________________________If you buy 3 items in my shop, and one of them is this symbol pendant, I will give you free shipping or a free rune from my other ceramic jewellry. Just tell me.The original of this rune symbol is found in Denmark and is in museum. In the viking village of Njardarheimr, we have it in iron on our door. I am the local beadmaker in Njardarheimr, the viking village in Norway, Gudvangen.I pack recycled, inside and outside. Look for recycled packing!I make all lampwork and porcelain beads myself here in Norway. I cannot stop making them I love the material....As a viking in Gudvangen I experience how these are worn, and use the knowledge making them.My finished jewellry from porcelain and silver - and other materials - in my other etsy shophttp://trollsmed. or http://trollsmed.epla.noFacebook bead group: cannot say its from a pet-free home, I got a nice litte schnauzer girl :-)., symbol

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