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Earrings made with Antique Buttons(c.1865-1904)paris button, Back Markedparis button,Steel Cut Gemsparis button, Botanical Motifparis button, Brassparis button, Timeless Trinketsparis button, Button Jewelry



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A lovely pair of earrings made with antique buttons. These buttons are back marked TW&W H M Paris which stands for Trelon-Weldon-Weil Hartog and Marchand (TW&W HM). Trelon-Weldon-Weil Hartog and Marchand was a Paris based comapny that made buttons from 1865-1904. Due to the nature of the earring setting the back mark has been covered, but it is there! It is often very difficult to find these old buttons in matching sets. Especially the steel cuts as they tend to rust with moisture. I often think about the history of my creations and only if they could talk the stories you could hear. I hope you enjoy my eclectic creations and find something that pleases you. I take many hours searching online and at local antique shops for the buttons I use in my designs. I look for quality and uniqueness!The earring and filigree measure 1" across. The total earring measures 1.75" from top to bottom.Item will come gift boxed.To find more earrings please follow this link https://www./shop/TimelessTrinkets?ref=seller-platform-mcnav\u00a7ion_id=5716695&page=2#items\u00a9Timeless Trinkets, steel cut

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