Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rita hayworth, Classic Beauties Collage Necklace - Rita Hayworth- Ginger Rogers - Greta Garbo- Blue & Purple Resin - Vintage Hollywood



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One o ginger rogersf a kind large, reversible pendant necklace features Rita Haywo ginger rogersrth, Ginger Ro ginger rogersgers, & Greta Garbo ginger rogers. The flip side has a a swirl o ginger rogersf different shades o ginger rogersf blues, purple, & white. Chain is appro ginger rogersximately 21\u201d lo ginger rogersng (excluding the pendant- appro ginger rogersximately 2.5\u201d). Lo ginger rogersbster clasp clo ginger rogerssing, brass hardware. Co ginger rogersmes gift packaged fo ginger rogersr yo ginger rogersurself o ginger rogersr so ginger rogersmeo ginger rogersne special. Thank yo ginger rogersu fo ginger rogersr checking o ginger rogersut my sho ginger rogersp!

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