Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bohemian, Fine Kundan Necklace Set/ Tikka



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High Quality Indian jewelry, Indian wedding jewelry, Indian kundan Necklace Tikka 100% Handmade High Quality Packed in a nice bo tikkax with co tikkatto tikkan lining, Best fo tikkar gifting to tikka lo tikkaved o tikkanes..A perso tikkanal no tikkate fo tikkar yo tikkaur lo tikkaved o tikkanes can be added.*Since this is 100% Handmade jewelry. So tikka Co tikkalo tikkar, shades, texture displayed may slightly vary fro tikkam the actual pro tikkaduct due to tikka digital image limitatio tikkans. We request yo tikkau to tikka co tikkansider these mino tikkar variatio tikkans. Please expect the po tikkassibility o tikkaf so tikkame slight imperfectio tikkans when buying hand made jewelry. If yo tikkau have any questio tikkans, please message o tikkar email us.

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