Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This beautiful pendant wo fairy pendantuld make a wo fairy pendantnderful fo fairy pendantcal element in yo fairy pendantur jewelry design! I handmade this pendant using a tuto fairy pendantrial written by WiredOrchidJewelry called "Pretty Grunge". The super cute little heart is lightweight and will no fairy pendantt break, unlike ceramic o fairy pendantr sto fairy pendantneware. It has been sealed with a satin finish po fairy pendantlymer safe sealer. This o fairy pendantne o fairy pendantf a kind pendant is very o fairy pendantrganic and rustic.The heart pendant is appro fairy pendantximately 1-3/8" lo fairy pendantng, the jump ring has a 5/16" wide o fairy pendantpening. The back is pictured in the last picture with a US quarter fo fairy pendantr size reference o fairy pendantnly. It is stamped with my signature stamp.I create all o fairy pendantf these o fairy pendantne o fairy pendantf a kind designs in my little ho fairy pendantme studio fairy pendant. I take great care in creating each piece - yo fairy pendantu can be assured yo fairy pendantu will be receiving a high quality, handmade item.Fo fairy pendantllo fairy pendantw me o fairy pendantn Instagram fo fairy pendantr behind the scenes pho fairy pendantto fairy pendants o fairy pendantf upco fairy pendantming listings @Cabinfeverclay

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