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Adjustable Bracelet or Anklet with Design Your Own Colors and Word. UNC Adjustable Bracelet or Anklet Design your own adjustable bracelet or anklet by choosing the thread color with coordinating beads.Design your own adjustable bracelet or anklet by choosing your word, name, initials, school, saying, sorority, fraternity, team, group and writing in the personalization box.Design your own adjustable bracelet or anklet by noting a charm in the personalization box. (For more than one charm, click on the link below and write in the personalization box the charm should be added to the bracelet/anklet. ) https://www./listing/703430868/beach-theme-key-clipzipper-pull-magical?ref=shop_home_active_1Design your own adjustable turtle bracelet by writing in the personalization box, "Turtle Bracelet" and color: Blue, Cream, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, SilverWhile the knots are adjustable, it will fit a bit better by choosing child, woman, man sizes. Silver charms:Africa, airplanes, airplane origami, alarm clock, alligator, alphabet letters, anchor, angel, angel wings, archery, arrow, ax, aunt, baby carriage, baby pacifier, baby bib ~ spit happens, baby high chair, ballerina, baseball (colors), baseball glove and ball, barbell, basket with fruit and wine, basketball, basketball written on a circle, bats, be positive, Be stronger than the storm, bear, beer cap, believe, bell, be positive, best teacher ever, bird on a swing, bird on a branch, bison, boat, bon yoyage, Book of Mormon, bow, bow and arrow, it's a boy, brontosaurus, buddha, buffalo, bus, butterflies, caduceus medical symbol, calculator, camera, cancer ribbons in different colors, cancer ribbon with dog paws, candlestick with 3 candles, caterpillar, playing cards, cat, cauldron, Celtic knot, champagne glass, chess pawn, clarinet, clock, clover, 4 leaf clover, coat hanger, coin Chinese/Roman, cookie, corkscrew, crab, crocodile, cross, cross with Jesus, cross with skull, crown, crown toggle clasp, crutch, cupcake, cupcake pan, dancer, deer, diary, dinosaur, diploma, dog, dog paw, dolphin, dragon fly, dragon scales in a heart, Dreaming of the sea (gold tone), dreamer, dress, drill (oil drill), dollar signs, dumbbells, eagle, Easter Rabbit, Egyptian Sphinx head, Egyptian head, elephant, elf, eye, fairy, family, fawn sitting, pair of feet, female symbol, fireman charms, find joy in the journey, fish, fishing boat with fisherman and fish on a line, fish Christian, fish toggle clasp, flatware (spoon, fork, knife), fleur de lis, flip flop, best flight attendant ever, flower, football, fox, friend, ghost, giraffe, girl, it's a girl, girl runner, girl skier, girl surfer, gingerbread man, goat, golf, golf clubs, goose flying, gorilla, go team, graduation cap, graduation cap 2017, grape bunch, graduation, graduation cap, gun, gymnast, hacksaw, hammer, handcuffs, handmade in the shape of a hand, hatchet, healer's hand, heart, heart shaped "my love", heart usher, heart wings, high heel, hippo, honor student, hobby horse, hope, horse, horse shoe, house old, igloo, I love softball, I love my soldier, infinity, Iowa, it's a boy, it's a girl, jack o lantern, karate, key, laurel wreath, leaf, lighthouse, lightning bolt, lion, live the dream, live your dream, lock and key, lotus flower, love, love with wings, I love my soldier, only love, made with love, Maine, manatee, Mardi Gras collection, Mardi Gras mask, marlin, MD, mermaid, mermaid scale, mermaid scales in a heart, 3 blind mice, mid sis, military wife, moon, moose,book of mormon, mother, mountain lion, muffin pan, mushroom cap, music note, mustache, narwhale, Nevertheless, she persisted, octopus, ohm, oil drill, Oregon, owl, baby pacifier, page boy, palm tree, panther, Pawley's Island (palm tree with moon), pawn, peace, peace dove, Pegasus flying horse, penguin, piano keyboard, pistol, playing cards, pliers, pretzel, propeller, purse, rabbit, ram's head, reach for the stars, recycle, redneck, rhino, ribbon dog paw prints, ribbon orange, ribbon pink, rifle, RIP, robot, Roman soldier rose, runner, runner girl, Rx, sand dollar, Santa, scissors, shark, shell nautilus, scallop shell, dreaming of the sea, sea star, sea horse, seal, shaman's hand, shamrock, shark, shield, shovel, shrimp, she believed she could so she did, shirt, mid sis, skater, girl skier, skein of yarn, skeleton, skeleton hand, skier girl, skull, snail on leaf, snake, sneaker, snorkeler, snow board, snowflake, snowman, snow mobile, softball written in a circle, Spartan soldier, speaker, special teacher, spider, squid, stag deer, star, Star of David in a circle, starfish, sting ray, I love my soldier, stork, be stronger than the storm, strong, honor student, sun, surf board, surfer girl, swan, swan pair, swimmer mom, tennis, tennis racket, tennis shoe, tiger, toy soldier, T rex, tree, tree of life, Trojan soldier head, truck, trumpet angel, turtle, T shirt, typewriter, U, uncle, unicorn, USA, wave, wedding hearts, wedding charms, web and spider, whale tail, heart with wings, wine bottle, wine basket, wine glass, wine opener, witch's hat, witch's hat and jack o lantern, witch on a broom, wolf howling, wolf pendant, wreath laurel, yoga, zebra 3 blind mice, 4 leaf clover, 2016, 2017, 2018,$Golden Charms:Anchor, bike, buddha, bumble bee, heart, Chinese coin, fleur de lis, infinity, insect wings, jack o lantern, mermaid, octopus, palm tree, penguin, pineapple, sea star, shell, skull, starfish, whale tailCopper Charms:cat, cross, insect wingsBlack Charms:Cross, insect wings, spiderBeach charms:Silver:Anchor, crab, pair of bare feet, big fish, little fish, sailfish, fishing boat with fisherman and fish, flip flop, big dolphin, little dolphin, lighthouse, lobster, manatee, mermaid, mermaid scale heart, narwhal, big octopus, little octopus, palm tree, sailboat, sand dollar, sea horse, seal, sea star, shaka hand, shark, shell sand dollar, shell nautilus, shell scallop, shrimp, squid, starfish, stingray, surfboard, surfer girl, big turtle, little turtle, whale tailGold:Anchor, big dolphin, pair of dolphins, mermaid, palm tree, sea star, starfishGunmetalSea star, starfishColor CharmsAnchor: orangeCross: green, orange, red, yellowElephant: blue, orange, red, yellowHawaiian Flower: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellowPeace sign: orangeRose: black, blue, green, pink, red, yellowSkull: black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellowStarfish: blue, orange, redTurtle: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellowI repurpose and reuse as much packaging as possible ~ saves the planet and lowers costs.Follow me on Instagram: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Pinterest: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Facebook: suelynneinthecity, adjustable bracelet

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