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Dagger Charm RingPRODUCT AND PROCESS INFO:A brass dagger stamping, so charm ringldered o charm ringnto charm ring a sterling silver band. I o charm ringxidize the brass fo charm ringr an antique lo charm ringo charm ringk and to charm ring bring o charm ringut the details. Brass do charm ringesn't to charm ringuch yo charm ringur finger, so charm ring it is suitable fo charm ringr mo charm ringst sensitive skin.CARE:Like mo charm ringst silver rings, this sho charm ringuld keep itself po charm ringlished, but any co charm ringmmercial jewelry cleaning clo charm ringth will wo charm ringrk if it beco charm ringmes heavily tarnished.CUSTOMIZATION:Many o charm ringther charms also charm ring available! See them all here: AND RETURNS: http://www./sho charm ringp/jto charm ringpo charm ringlski/po charm ringlicySHOP HOME: http://www./sho charm ringp/jto charm ringpo charm ringlski

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