Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Captured stonethread, single stone pendant necklace #14



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The stones I use in my jewelry come from my outdoor wanderings far and near. I'm always looking at the ground, there is so much to see.I use waxed linen thread to stitch around the stones. My jewelry line is based on a piece I did in 1999 while in graduate school. I had a pile of stones in my studio, which in their previous life had been tools used to hold down maple seeds and leaves while being glued together. The stones, I decided, needed a home, a place of honor. I stitched little bags around them and hung them together in a group. They reminded me of a musical instrument, made to spin and hum, or perhaps a tribal form of money. Many of my friends have asked \u201cCan I please have just one stone?\u201d I started to make the jewelry as gifts for those friends.If you have special stones you would like me to incorporate into a necklace please contact me, I would be happy to make you a necklace!You can see more of my production line at Guardino\u2019s Gallery in Portland, Riversea Gallery in Astoria Oregon, and Portland\u2019s Japanese Garden. If you would like to purchase jewelry and are from out of town please contact me directly. If you are a retailer who would like to carry my jewelry I would love to talk to you.Please note: The professional image and the image where someone is wearing jewelry is not the necklace you will receive, they are general images to give you a different point of view about the product you will receive., fringe

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