Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Sterling Silver Kyanite Stick Necklace / Rustic Kyanite Stick Necklace /Blue Kyanite Necklace /Sterling Silver /Boho Necklace /Long Necklace



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This necklace features a single genuine rustic kyanite spear that I wire wrapped with sterling silver wire o artisan necklacento artisan necklace the sterling silver snake chain. Simple, and minimalistic; but also artisan necklace versatile and wo artisan necklacenderful fo artisan necklacer layering!The necklace is a 30"s sterling silver snake chain; the kyanite pendant is 2.5"s lo artisan necklaceng.Kyanite is a pretty impo artisan necklacertant sto artisan necklacene that can enhance no artisan necklacet o artisan necklacenly yo artisan necklaceur mind but yo artisan necklaceur who artisan necklacele bo artisan necklacedy, as well. Fo artisan necklacer so artisan necklacemething so artisan necklace small and beautiful, kyanite can align all the chakras in yo artisan necklaceur bo artisan necklacedy and resto artisan necklacere its balance and harmo artisan necklaceny. It can pro artisan necklacemo artisan necklacete a calming effect o artisan necklacen yo artisan necklaceur being while keeping yo artisan necklaceu centered. It\u2019s because when the chakras are balanced and o artisan necklacepen, yo artisan necklaceu can freely express what yo artisan necklaceu think o artisan necklacer feel. There will be an easy flo artisan necklacew o artisan necklacef energy inside and o artisan necklaceutside yo artisan necklaceur bo artisan necklacedy. Kyanite is the crystal o artisan necklacef co artisan necklacennectio artisan necklacen that creates pathways fro artisan necklacem yo artisan necklaceur mind to artisan necklace yo artisan necklaceur heart, and it keeps this two artisan necklace stro artisan necklacengly co artisan necklacennected. It can o artisan necklacepen yo artisan necklaceur mind and enhance telepathic and psychic abilities, to artisan necklaceo artisan necklace. When yo artisan necklaceu are surro artisan necklaceunded by the healing energies o artisan necklacef blue kyanite, yo artisan necklaceu can easily bridge co artisan necklacemmunicatio artisan necklacen gaps with peo artisan necklaceple.Thanks fo artisan necklacer lo artisan necklaceo artisan necklaceking ~

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