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beach jewelry, White Tip Shark Tooth Necklace Bead Chain 20" 24" 30" Great Sharks Teeth 7144 WU



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Worn by Shark Fans, Surfers, and Beach lovers everywhereChoose from 20 inch (51cm) 24 inch (62cm) or 30 inch (76cm) lengthsUse the drop down menu above to make your selection(s)The bead chain is made in the USAIt is 2mm diameter stainless steel with a coupling claspAttached is a stainless steel wire wrapped Upper Jaw White Tip Reef Shark ToothThese Sharks Teeth are at least 7/8 inch (22.2mm) in lengthEach tooth varies some in shape as no two are alikeStyle no 7144 WUIn stock. Shipped daily from Florida USA, shark tooth

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