Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho earrings, Seashell and Vintage Peridot Glass Drop Earrings/Art Deco Style Dangle Earrings /Vintage Nautical Peridot Crystal Earrings/Summer Earrings



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This handmade pair o dangle earringsf earrings features a co dangle earringsmbinatio dangle earringsn o dangle earringsf Art No dangle earringsuveau/Victo dangle earringsrian style brass shell charms, paired up with pear-shaped vintage Perido dangle earringst green rhinesto dangle earringsnes in so dangle earringslid brass setting. The green rhinesto dangle earringsnes are so dangle earrings beautiful! Finished with flo dangle earringsral detailed so dangle earringslid brass leverback earrings. These wo dangle earringsuld be perfect fo dangle earringsr yo dangle earringsur summer wardro dangle earringsbe!Thanks fo dangle earringsr lo dangle earringso dangle earringsking!

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