Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, AAA Tanzanite Triple Strand Nugget Necklace with Tahitian Pearls in 22kg Vermeil..



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A gorgeous, flawless and sparkling rich periwinkle blue collection of finest natural untreated tanzanite is impressive in its plump size. These are the finest quality tanzanite stones I have found in this size and they are beautiful! These focal necklaces are exceptionally flattering. A sweep of color just beneath the throat, they are feminine but not diminutive. Luminous 22kg accents make the piece even more rich and polished. The gold vermeil and blue topaz dotted chain ends in a toggle clasp bringing the piece to 18" long - custom adjustments will be made upon purchase. Pair this with the matching tanzanite earrings and bracelet., gemstone

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