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14k gold hoops, Chunky Hoops 14k Gold Gift for Self 40mm Diameter w/ 4mm thickness



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14k yellow gold 4mm thick tube hoop earrings with hinged post closure. Please, please know the size you are purchasing. Please contact us prior to purchase if you are unsure what 40mm in diameter and 4mm thick looks like.S I Z EPrior to purchase, I recommend to please take a ruler, pen, and paper to chart the size described for these hoop earrings. This will help to visualize their size more clearly.For example,13mm is close to 1/2-in and it is smaller than a dime24mm is close to 1-in and is about the size of a quarterH O W \u2219 T O \u2219 O R D E R It\u2019s easy as 1, 2, 3!1 Pick the size2 Add to cart D E T A I L STube Hoops are 4 mm thick (wide)Earring Back: hinged post closureWEIGHT: 40mm:4.50 gramsA L S O \u2219 A V A I L A B L E \u2219 T H I N N E R \u2219 2MM \u2219 T U B E \u2219 H O O P SROSE GOLD Solid 14khttps://www./listing/644058667YELLOW GOLD Solid 14khttps://www./listing/630234420WHITE GOLD Solid 14khttps://www./listing/630232984A L S O \u2219 A V A I L A B L E \u2219 T H I C K E R \u2219 4MM \u2219 T U B E \u2219 H O O P Shttps://www./listing/648872787H A N D L I N G1 - 4 business daysR E T U R N \u2219 P O L I C Y 7-day money back. A restocking fee of $15 will be charged, additionally, THE BUYER PAYS FOR RETURN SHIPPING WITH INSURANCE. The buyer is responsible for the item until it reaches our studio; so, please return the item in the same packaging and via a trackable proven mailing service. Cover the package with enough insurance to recover your money in case the shipping service loses it. Be able to prove that the package was mailed back to our studio by keeping a receipt from the time it was dropped off at the mailing service's counter. We can email the customer a return shipping label; however, the cost for the label will be deducted from your original payment for the purchase of the item, additionally, the $15 restocking fee will be charged to the customer. Please know our return shipping label doesn't provide proof that the package was mailed back to our studio, a receipt from the clerk at the mailing service's counter is required to prove that the package was mailed back to us.R E C Y C L E D \u2219 E T H I C A L \u2219 C O M M I T M E N T I strive to maintain an ongoing environmental consciousness, social, and fair trade awareness by engaging with artists and partners who are also committed to conducting their operations using recycled materials and using ethically sourced gemstones. This includes responsible sourcing and using 100% recycled materials in the manufacturing processes employed by our artists, vendors, and suppliers. I believe that by supporting ethical suppliers who believe in the duty of improving the lives of their associates while ensuring proper and fair compensation for their labor, my small store can make a difference in the community and in the communities around the world. L I F E T I M E\u2219 L I M I T E D\u2219 W A R R A N T YOur warranty of the jewelry item excludes loss, loss due to theft or loss due to accident and damages due to normal wear and tear. Your item will come with our lifetime warranty on our labor and materials used.I love you Christmas, gift to self, mom, girlfriend, for my wife, wide hoopPlease enter store, 14k gold hoops

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