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lamanchaLaMancha Bone Heart Earrings-Handmade, Unique, Hand Painted,Very Light



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lamanchaThese earrings are very unique wearable art with a LaMancha doe hand painted on them. Who doesn't love hearts and this pair does not disappoint . The hearts are about 1/2" X 1/2" on surgical stainless steel fishhooks with gold plated ball and coil.I have raised LaManchas since the late 80's and started with grades (NOA) and bred up. The LaMancha was originally a dual purpose breed that originated in the US and has very good milk production. Lamanchas can be any color, combination of colors and patterns as long as it has almost non-existent ears (gopher) or very small ears (elf) and they have such a wonderful personality and sense of humor.The paint used is acrylic and double sealed with a waterproof sealer. Each piece of jewelry is unique and different from others that I have painted and signed and dated, just like a piece of sculpture or painting, a true piece of ART.

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