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sterling turquoise, Vintage Navajo Earrings Sterling Turquoise Concha & Feather



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This finely hand crafted pair o sterling turquoisef vintage Navajo sterling turquoise earrings, feature a co sterling turquoisencha shell set with a bright blue turquo sterling turquoiseise sto sterling turquoisene, and swingy feather pendant dro sterling turquoisep, circa 1990s.The articulated So sterling turquoiseuthwestern earrings co sterling turquoisensist o sterling turquoisef unmarked sterling silver, with incised stampings and genuine turquo sterling turquoiseise sto sterling turquoisene set in sawto sterling turquoiseo sterling turquoiseth bezels with hand wro sterling turquoiseught feather dro sterling turquoiseps, which sway with mo sterling turquoisevement.The earrings also sterling turquoise have kidney style ear wires stamped \u201c925\u201d, hang appro sterling turquoiseximately 2&7/8 inches in length, fro sterling turquoisem to sterling turquoisep o sterling turquoisef ear wire to sterling turquoise base o sterling turquoisef feather, and weigh 7.9 grams co sterling turquoisembined.

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