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18 inches Vintage Swarovski chainfindings, srass rhinestone chainfindings, Swarovski crystals embedded in brass setting-Swc33



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18 inches Vintage Swarovski chain, srass rhinestone chain, Swarovski crystals embedded in brass setting-Swc33I cut the 18inches out of a longer chain -if you would like to purchase MORE then 18inches without cut -please pick up the needed quantity and ask me NOT to cut the chainSquare shape setting, 4.2mmLength - 18inch/45cmIn 5inch there are about 19 stones These are vintage Swarovski beautiful findings, each crystal is embedded in prong brass setting with flat linq between the pieces, you can cut the chain easily in the flat linq and add end cap to create the length of chian you needYou can use small pieces of the chain to create earings, bracelets, to add it as decoration on other items and more to your imaginationYou can find at my shop different sizes and shapes of Swarovski chainsMost of them cut from the original unused chainIf you need end caps please contact me to find out if I have them in stockI will gladly add 2 endsAll my antique and vintage Swarovski findings, beads and elements purchased from old stock in AustriaBack to my shophttp://www.oritdotan., chains

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