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silver rings, Silver Filled Jump Rings - 75 16g 4.5mm Inner Diameter



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Upon purchase, you will receive 75 absolutely flush-cut 16g 4.5mm inner diameter silver-filled precision sawcut jump rings. If you're accustomed to outer-diameter measurements, they're approximately 7mm. All jump rings are made to order, and this listing starts with 16g AWG half-hard silver-filled wire. The end result is a tumble-polished, clean, burr free, shiny jump ring, perfect for your muse!What is Silver Filled, you may ask? Silver Filled is a layer of .925 or better silver which is mechanically bonded to a brass core. Our Silver Filled is 1/10 or 10% by weight (.925 or better) silver. It is hundreds of times thicker than silver plating and has the same properties as sterling silver. Silver filled jump rings can be soldered, oxidized, lightly hammered.Our precision sawcut jump rings are created with the discerning chainmailler and jewelry designer in mind. Not only for chainmaille, our fine jump rings will enhance all of your jewelry designs.If you're new to Etsy, here's a simple checkout guide:http://www./help_guide_checkout.phpThank you for visiting! If you have questions/item requests, please be in touch... Bonnie :), jumprings

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