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Baby Crochet Cowboy Bootswestern cowboy boots, Pink and Grey Handmade western Bootswestern cowboy boots, Made in the USAwestern cowboy boots, #22



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Baby Crochet Cowboy Boots, Pink and Grey Handmade western Boots, Made in the USAThese are great little baby gift. Crochet Baby Cowboy boots in most any color combo you would want.This pair is a burnt orange and white combo but can be done any way you likeHOW TO MEASURE YOUR CHILD'S FOOTPlace foot on a piece of paper and measure from toe to back of heel. Then add about 1/4 to 1/2" to your measurement for your size.These shoes are meant for indoor use ONLY.These little boots are made using top quality crochet yarn.*AGES ARE ESTIMATES -BE SURE TO MEASURE CHILD'S FOOT3-3.25"---------NB 3.5"-------------0/3M4"----------------3/6M4.25"----=-------6/9M4.5"--------------9/12MLaundry instructions--You can always hand wash and lay out to dry . If machine washing I suggest you place them inside a pillowcase so they don't pick up fuzz and things from the washer. wash in cool to warm water with like colors and air dry or tumble dry.Have any questions? Feel free to contact me. I answer all communications within a few hours************************************************************************Please like my Facebook Page here***********************************************http://togs4tots., western boots

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