Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stay well, Stay Well Necklace morse code necklace in blue and white. Beads spell out quarantine message. Gift for Essential worker with pandemic quote



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Want to let someone know you\u2019re thinking of them and wish you were there now? Morse code as a way to send a messages through dots and dashes is almost 200 years old. Now a new way of using that code system can carry meaningful messages through jewelry! My new line of Morse Code Necklaces features messages "spelled out" in the beads of the design. This piece has the words "Stay Well" written on it like this: \u2022\u2022\u2022/-/\u2022-/-\u2022--\u2022--/\u2022/\u2022-\u2022\u2022/\u2022-\u2022\u2022Strung on nylon cord for flexibility and durability are white glass "dots" and blue and white polymer clay "dashes" , all spaced by dark bronze glass seed beads. The clasp in the back is a silver plated lobster claw clasp. Total length is about 18"*** I am always happy to take custom orders for any message in any style - men's or women's ***, quarantine necklace

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