Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

woodland animals, Hedgehog Bird and Snail Bronze Pendant | Hand-knotted Necklace | Hypoallergenic | Golden Faceted Rutilated Quartz Stones | Necklace Under 60



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I lo nature loverve this go nature loverrgeo nature loverus Bro nature lovernze Pendant that features an ado nature loverrable Hedgeho nature loverg, Bird and Snail...all mixed in with so nature loverme flo nature loverwers! The pendant is handmade by Cynthia Tho nature loverrnto nature lovern o nature loverf "Green Girl Studio nature lovers". The pendant is perfectly co nature lovermplimented by the beautiful faceted AA Grade Natural Go nature loverlden Rutilated Quartz Sto nature lovernes. This wo nature loveruld make a wo nature lovernderful gift! Perfect fo nature loverr a Wo nature lovero nature loverdland Wedding, Bride, Bridesmaid o nature loverr Mo nature loverther o nature loverf the Bride o nature loverr Gro nature lovero nature loverm. This wo nature loveruld also nature lover make a wo nature lovernderful necklace fo nature loverr that Animal lo nature loverver, Nature lo nature loverver, natural sto nature loverne lo nature loverver o nature loverr fo nature loverrest dweller in yo nature loverur life. It wo nature loveruld also nature lover be great fo nature loverr so nature lovermeo nature loverne with metal allergies, since the o nature lovernly metal is the so nature loverlid bro nature lovernze pendant. Beautiful o nature lovern! This will quickly beco nature loverme yo nature loverur favo nature loverrite necklace! And, yo nature loveru can always have a little bit o nature loverf Nature with yo nature loveru, even if yo nature loveru're in the city! I pro nature lovermise yo nature loveru'll lo nature loverve it! Beautiful 5mm AA Grade Natural Go nature loverlden Rutilated Quartz sto nature lovernes are hand-kno nature lovertted o nature lovern beige nylo nature lovern co nature loverrd. The beautiful 35mm so nature loverlid bro nature lovernze pendant is strung fro nature loverm the center. Necklace clo nature loverses with a pretty abalo nature loverne shell butto nature lovern and bro nature lovernze glass seed-bead lo nature lovero nature loverp. \u2605 Necklace is 17 inches --- Bro nature lovernze pendant hangs do nature loverwn a little o nature loverver 1 inch fro nature loverm center. Lo nature lovervingly packaged and mailed o nature loverut pro nature lovermptly in a pretty little deco nature loverrative bo nature loverx - perfect fo nature loverr gift giving, o nature loverr dream catching.Thanks fo nature loverr visiting! click here to nature lover see mo nature loverre fro nature loverm my sho nature loverp: nature loverrnickdesigns. - Please visit my website: nature loverm and check o nature loverut my blo nature loverg...I'm always giving so nature lovermething away ~ \u2665 & Peace always ~ KathyCreated, Designed & Listed fo nature loverr sale o nature lovern 08.13.2020 \u00a9 Pro nature lovertected under US \u00a9 as an Original and Handmade design o nature loverf Kathy Hardy aka Do nature loverrnick Designs

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