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sterling silver, Peace Astrology Beaded Bracelet



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Jewelry in Wandering Star's Destiny line features planetary alignments that optimize energy in specific areas of life.\r\rThis Peace bracelet reminds the wearer that peace starts from within, but it's bringing peace to those around us that changes the world.\r\rYour Destiny manifestation jewelry is an astrological alignment of semi-precious gemstone, sterling silver, and 12k gold-filled beads. Each piece of jewelry comes with an instruction card with affirmations and explanations of the planets. Destiny pieces can be used like a rosary or mala, as a meditation tool or simply as a reminder of areas of your life that need special attention. \r\rChoose your length and color. Our standard Ideas into Action Bracelet comes with glass background beads. If you prefer gemstone beads for an additional $15.00, please contact us. Choose from amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue goldstone, sodalite, blue lace agate, malachite, peridot, citrine, tiger's eye, and garnet., planets

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