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moon phase, To the Moon and back II silver and gold bracelet



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Can we really measure our love to someone ?We all have said at least once in our life "I love you to the moon and back", in remembrance of this beautiful feeling I've created a "moon like" surface bracelet.This technique is called reticulation, it is unique, organic and one of a kind. Each element is solder for its durability and quality.\u25b3 Black Moon: 5 mm wide 1.8 cm tall\u25bc Full Gold moon 1.8 cm circumference\u25bd AdjustableMade to order, please allow me up to two weeks before your order 'leaves' my hands. My items are handmade -with love- and unlike mass-produced jewelry, slight imperfections are to be expected, adding to the charm and character of your piece. \u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bdThis item will be shipped from Paris via priority shipping with a traceable number. If you'd like to UPGRADE to signature required and insurance please choose the different options at checkout., full moon

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