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etruscan necklace, Vintage Trifari Necklace Etruscan Revival Granulated Beads



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A lo etruscan necklaceng and elegant necklace with Etruscan Revival egg shaped beads, are features o etruscan necklacef this vintage Cro etruscan necklacewn Trifari necklace, circa 1950s/60s.The lo etruscan necklaceng ro etruscan necklacepe length necklace co etruscan necklacensists o etruscan necklacef a go etruscan necklaceldplated chain, and set with 6 o etruscan necklaceblo etruscan necklaceng beads with simulated Etruscan style granulatio etruscan necklacen and scro etruscan necklacelled wirewo etruscan necklacerk alo etruscan necklaceng the surface, divided with navy blue glass spacers which spin.The beads measure appro etruscan necklaceximately \u00be o etruscan necklacef an inch in length, and the necklace itself measures 41 inches in length, weighs 57.4 grams, and has the hanging Trifari charm o etruscan necklacef the letter \u201cT\u201d with cro etruscan necklacewn lo etruscan necklacego etruscan necklace.

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