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Ear savers, mask adapters, help take the stress off the ears when wearing face masks for several hours. Due to the COVID-19 corona virus, many places are requiring the use of masks for workers and visitors. Make wearing face masks more comfortable by using a mask adapter to take the strain off the ears. These hand crocheted ear savers come in various lengths and fun buttons to suit individual needs. Adapters include elastic rings to extend the ear saver if necessary. See last photo to show elastic rings in use.Ear savers are sold individually. Choose any of the following:Camo 6-1/2\u201d w/Baseball and Bat ButtonsCamo 6-1/2\u201d w/Baseball and Cap ButtonsFind more Ear Saver/Mask Adapters here - https://www./shop/rlscreations?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=29699476, face mask adapter

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